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Product Info > Acrolene XP Tubing

Acrolene XP™ Tubing

KENT Systems tubing

KENT Systems is proud to announce the release of our Acrolene XP™ Tubing.
Acrolene XP™ is a plasticizer-free polyethylene based tubing that offers the same chemical resistance as standard polyethylene, but unlike standard polyethylene, Acrolene XP™ is extremely flexible and easy to work with.

Acrolene XP™ is the ideal solution for a myriad of applications. Please read on to learn more.

Acrolene XP™ tubing

We designed Acrolene XP™ tubing to fill the a specific market niche. Our customers were in need of an affordable polyethylene tubing, with advanced performance capabilities, and we are happy to deliver.
  • Affordable
  • Works great with barb fittings
  • Flexible
  • High chemical resistance
  • Wide temperature range
Hydroponics leaf
There are a number of great applications for Acrolene XP™ tubing, including.
  • Water Systems
  • Breweries
  • Ink Applications
  • Many Other Applications

Key Advantages

Key advantages of Acrolene XP™ tubing are:

  • Economical pricing
  • Extremely low extractables
  • High chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Extremely more flexible than standard polyethylene tubing
  • Polyethylene based polymer
  • Good pressure ratings
  • Deionized water compatible
  • Accurately manufactured
  • Wide temperature range
  • Available in custom colors

Acrolene XP™ Flexibility

The flexibility of Acrolene XP™ tubing is beneficial in a number of ways, including:

  • Reduces stress at fittings connections
  • Dampens hammering and vibration
  • Reduces the number of fittings needed in an application
  • Reduces the required space needed for installation, therefor reducing enclosures size and costs.

Tubing Data Chart

ID Size Range (Inch) 1/16” ID through 5/16” ID
OD Size Range 1/8” OD through 1/2” OD
Hardness 75 Durometer Shore A
Flexural Modulus
2% Secant (Compression Molded)
2770 PSI ASTM D790
Melt Temperature 215 ° F

Tubing Sizes
U04081-PE00 1/16 1/8 0.35
U06101-PE00 3/32 5/32 0.45
U08161-PE00 1/8 1/4 0.85
U10131-PE00 5/32 13/64 0.90
U12201-PE00 3/16 5/16 1.00
U16241-PE00 1/4 3/8 1.25

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Acrolene XP Tubing

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